About Your Videographers

We fully embrace every
part of you.

Hi! We are Em and J. We have gone by several titles including filmmakers, videographers, wild adventurers, and creatives. No matter what kind of love story we are crafting for you, we fully embrace all of you. We believe that acceptance allows us all to make room for curiosity and can lead us to new discoveries. Isn’t that what being a better human and finding true connection is all about? 

Why We Believe In Your Day,
Your Way

We got married in 2017 and we were both so excited to start our lives together. We wanted to elope but we decided against it because we wanted to honor our family's traditions. Big mistake on our part. Em was told what was “appropriate” for her to wear, we were forced to talk about budget and pushed by our families to spend more and more and to invite so many people, Our heads were spinning. We were so stressed and J was trying his best to help but the honest truth was that neither of us felt like we were having the celebration we wanted for our wild and unique love. Three years later J found Chuy Photo, the King of Steam photographer and self proclaimed FUNKER. And we knew that's what we were looking for all along. We hiked our favorite hike and did a Vow renewal with Chuy capturing every moment. Em wore a black backless dress with vivid PNW style embroidery and J wore all black. SO HOT! And then we went and skinny dipped under a waterfall and even did another steamy session later on in the evening in our tiny home. It was perfection and everything we needed to find our new passion of creating for other couples like us. It’s never too late to do your day your way.

We Can't Wait To Tell Your Story

When We Aren't Working We Are

We are Big on Self care, and creating new food dishes, we’re HUGE FOODIES and love trying new progressive restaurants in Portland and Seattle.  playing with the bunnies, Belle and Coda (our little co-stars).  And chasing adventures that push us out of our comfort zone to expand our horizons and our relationships with other humans and the environments we love to exist in.

The Story of Our Name

We had a traditional wedding and when we decided on a brand change We had a list of possible business names including EM&J FILMS, JEM FILMS, WILD HARE FILMS. At the beginning of 2021, We were in the High desert in Oregon to film a private elopement when we heard a rumble in the distance. Within minutes we watched an enormous weather system roll across the desert cracked lake bed pushing up dust before the rain like a giant ball of tan energy before the grey storm. We chose to hangout and experience the power of that storm together. It lasted about ten minutes and left us soaked and with crazy wind beaten hair. Just then, after the storm had passed, we spotted a wild hare for the first time. Em grabbed her binoculars and we all took turns looking at this magnificent creature in their natural habitat and marveled at their resilience and wild beauty. We felt so honored to be able to create in such an incredible and powerful place. We just remember looking over and laughing with so much joy that we live this life together and in that moment we both knew that we were meant to be WILD HARE FILMS.