Steamy Sessions

Uncage Your HeART, Free Yourself To Be Wild

A steamy session is a form of expressing your love to and with your partner. We strive to capture the stripped-down version of your love with a sprinkle of lust. 

We know that for most couples it can be intimidating to take off all your clothes in front of strangers. We are here to make you feel like besties you would go skinny dipping with. There is no judgment behind this lens, only complete and total awe at your incredible ‘gives me goosebumps’ energy and love. 

Choose Your Own Sensual Adventure

You are here, which means you’ve been bitten by the wild hare and curious about steamy sessions. Below we have three packages at various investment levels for you to choose from.  If you are not sure which one to pick we would love to have a quick call with you to help you find your perfect match.  If you have questions about the more ‘delicate’ things or the details, check out the FAQ section below. 

Steamy Films

Wild & Frisky

For the couple ready to fall head over heels and go all in. 

Lush Chemistry

No need for words here, our electric energy is all we need. 

Blissful Allure

This is a quickie, and who doesn’t love one of those? 

Photos & Gifs

Wild & Steamy Photos

Wild & Steamy Photos & Gifs

These Couples Caught A Wild Hare & Things Got Steamy

Get Your Sweat On

J and P wanted a couples boudoir film aka Steamy Session, that was different and unique. We asked them what did they like doing together and they said that working out and drinking wine in the shower was something they loooved doing together. So we incorporated those two activities to create a beautiful couple steamy film for them.

Get Your Sweat On

Manifestation and Gratitude are two words that come to mind when Em and I rebranded to Wild Hare Films. A year ago we dreamt about creating art that felt Wild, Wandering, Seductive and Steamy. We would have late nights talk about what this would look like and how to still capture the same emotions that drove our films, but in a new unique and authentic way. All that paid off and we’re so fucking stoked how it turned out! We’re so grateful for A& K for trusting us to tell their story in such a special way that’s hasn’t been told before.

Blaze Your Own Trail

Be yourself 100% of the time. No film will make you happier than to see what you like while enjoying your favorite things with your partner. Plus, we LOVE to get outside and find the most unique locations for our steamy sessions. 


Ok, soooo we won't leave you handing with any of the questions. Even the awkward ones.

Nope, if you are looking to have fun getting cozy and creative in some of your favorite lingerie or intimate attire and want to leave some for the imagination, that is completely your call! We will always respect your level of comfort and are there to provide you with a safe space to express your love and to try something new with no pressure or expectations.

We  love the freedom of inviting our couples to be wild, free and naked in the wilderness! We make sure to scout our private areas and have one of us on the lookout with towels, blankets or clothes on the ready in case of any unexpected interruptions during the steamy. Your comfort, privacy and safety are our top priority. We also encourage couples that are uncomfortable with the idea of being out in nature for their steamy to ask us about our top  airbnb locations! We choose airbnbs that have private back areas, outdoor spots that we can still create in nature and have stunning indoor settings that have natural light to explore 

That is a totally normal, human reaction. We have no problem with it. That said, you would be surprised how often this doesn’t actually happen since we are out and about and in filming mode. 

If you are ever feeling uncomfortable we pause and if needed, take a new direction. This is all about consenting adults, so if you don’t want to do something, we don’t do it. As we move through the shoot we will both continually ask: Is this ok? And if we need to help position you we will always ask before approaching your space or moving your hair or adjusting the sheets. Can you place your hand here? Would you be willing to stand there? It’s all YOUR CHOICE. 

As film makers, we are unable to change your appearance but if we do take photos, all we might edit are temporary blemishes. We are advocates of loving your beautiful self just as you are and we want your true self to be the focus of our films and photos. 

ROCK those stretch marks, EMBRACE your size, shape and scars, you are so beautiful just as you are and your existence is perfection. And just know that you can trust us to try our best to shoot your preferred side, and to get flattering shots.

We aren’t shooting Porno my wild friends 😉 we keep things fun and professional and if your passion is becoming uncontrollable, we will excuse ourselves from the room or immediate area until you are ready to continue with us! We will discuss your boundaries during our facetime call with you and your partner and if any new boundaries pop up for either of you, just know that you are welcome to express those boundaries over text, or in person and we will always respect what you need from us and the experience we’re providing. 

We are happy to respect your level of privacy and understand that for some couples, their film will be for them alone. (And we know this can be essential for some professions too) If this is you, just ask and we will sign an NDA. It does cost, and  is $500 due to us losing out on being able to show our artistry and creativity as a way of getting our most recent work seen to attract new clients.